We are Aditro

At Aditro, we understand our customers’ need to improve efficiency, respond quickly to changing business environment and get more strategic advantage from Human Resource, Payroll and Financial Resource Management. We are uniquely positioned to support these needs.


Aditro excels in digitalized, automated business processes

We offer innovative and flexible solutions and services, skilled people and process efficiency, liberating our customers to focus on strategic areas of business.


Easy-to-use, role-based solutions

Our easy-to-use, role-based solutions provide Employees, Managers and Specialists the tools to work efficiently and with a smooth user-experience. We offer tools to create an ideal flow for a day in the office, through an innovative user interface that you can access from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Over 1 100 skilled Aditro professionals serve over 12 000 customers with the goal of creating a first-class customer experience and value. We are present, close to you for optimal business support, on line whenever you need. After half a century of Nordic leadership in HRM and FRM solutions, we know how to simplify your work day and free you to focus on business.


Aditro - Our focus benefits yours