We Are Aditro

At Aditro, we understand our customers’ need to improve efficiency and to respond quickly to changing business environment. We strive so that you can get more strategic advantage from Human Resource, Payroll and Financial Resource Management. We are uniquely positioned to support these needs.

Aditro excels in digitalized, automated business processes

We offer innovative and flexible solutions and services, skilled people and process efficiency, liberating our customers to focus on strategic areas of business.

Easy-to-use, role-based solutions

Our easy-to-use, role-based solutions provide employees, managers and specialists the tools to work efficiently. We offer tools that help create an ideal flow for a day in the office, through easy-to-use user interfaces that you can access from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Hundreds of Aditro professionals serve over 1200 customer organisations with the goal of creating a high-quality customer experience. After half a century of Nordic leadership in HRM and FRM solutions, we know how to simplify your work day and free you to focus on your core business.

Company Info

  • Our way of working

    Our business is in supporting our customers to success. This is why we so strongly believe in partnership, a relationship that is built on a stable foundation of trust, healthy business principles and a true win-win perspective.

    Our focus is therefore to provide specific solutions that give our customers a double-edged advantage: to stay in control of the processes, and to secure and maximise efficiency at all times. Both are equally important. Trading an old solution for a new one must result in palpable, measurable benefits. But it should not be at the price of control. True power is about being able to decide what to do and when it’s due.

  • Knowledge

    50 years of experience together with our skills in new technology enables us to develop services and business solutions that not only work, but provide real value for our customers.

  • The right tools

    Software with high degree of automation and digitalisation of payroll, HR and FRM processes that are tailored for the Nordic market. Solutions including pre-configured support for regulatory requirements and process best practises.

    We offer solutions on three service levels to fit all needs. Traditional on-premise software solution is preferable in some organizations, but increasing speed of development and expectations on performance are reasons why an increasing number of organizations choose our cloud or BPO solutions. By choosing our cloud solution you get software as a service and free yourself from running software and IT maintenance tasks. With a business process outsourcing solution we take care of your business supporting processes with high-quality service and delivery. 

  • Maximizing strengths

    It is smart to focus on the core vision of your organization. It is also the only way to reach outstanding results and success. Finding the right partner to help you ease the every day routines enables you to focus on your own strenghts, and maximize them.

  • Timing

    It is wisdom to see when existing systems, routines and services are still good investments and when they turn in more costs than results. When it is time to re-evaluate the existing way of working, Aditro is here, ready find the best solution for you.


Our core values

Forward looking

We are in a leading position in the Nordic HR & Finance area but for us that is not enough. Fierce competition, exploding technical development, and increasingly new customer demands means that we cannot and will not stop trying. We are always looking for new digitalised and automated processes that improve our customers’ HR and Financial Processes.



We are here to let our customers concentrate on their core business. That’s why we have specialized in HR and Finance, giving less administration, more efficient processes and better decision making for our customers. We are focused and heavily rooted in the Nordic culture. We never give up the quest for better solutions and streamlined processes to fulfil our customers’ needs.

Human touch

We offer efficient solutions and processes, but, at the end of the day, people are what really count. Our customers may be large corporations but we do business with people, not with organisations. Whether working with a colleague or a customer, a little extra effort trying to see the person behind, could make a world of difference. Being able to create a friendly atmosphere combined with a professional attitude, is what make us winners.


Quality statement

Aditro’s responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and measurements the level of quality at Aditro matches or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Methods for Quality Assurance

Aditro uses a number of quality assurance procedures on different operations in the organization. To secure the high quality services, Aditro has an organisational unit to develop and maintain the control objectives and facilitate internal and external audits. Aditro organisation is never giving up the quest for better solutions and streamlined processes to fulfil our customers’ needs. Aditro is organised to deliver high quality services.

To fulfil quality requirements in business Aditro performs:

  • Quality controls and audits (SAS70, ISAE3402 type II)
  • Continuous best practice improvements to the IT service management so that those comply with business needs, giving common unified terminology and definitions as well as clear defined interfaces both internal and towards customers (ITIL)
  • Practical project steering for actively planning and managing projects
  • Planned software testing with active steering
  • Software development using defined iterative software development process
  • Continuous software development process improvement activities


All employees at Aditro are engaged in our performance management process with the purpose to make our business planning come alive in their daily work through individual commitment to overall plans and annual business & development targets.

Aditro develops quality awareness through process improvements, training, measurements and development of our employees.

Quality training is a part of employee initiation procedure. Aditro managers are responsible for ensuring that their employees receive proper quality training.